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Passionate talent, transforming business

At Viaro, we unite exceptional talent with passion to take our clients beyond the imaginable.

What makes us different

Access to the best technical talent

Through a unique regional recruitment process, we guarantee immediate access to the top 1% of the best technical profiles in Latam, exceptional in both hard and soft skills.

We build multifunctional teams in days

Say goodbye to long search and hiring cycles. With Viaro, you can get up and running with experienced profiles in a matter of days, and grow, shrink, or change your technical capabilities as quickly as your business demands.

At Viaro, our unique combination of access to the best technical talent in Latin America, unparalleled speed/agility, and a true people focus make the difference.


Ready to strengthen your execution with innovation partners?


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High return on investment

By outsourcing with regional top technical talent, you save 25-40% over hiring locally, without incurring fixed investments in hiring and ongoing training.

Integral partner across models


We offer a talent partnership through staff augmentation, dedicated teams, turnkey projects, scalable freelancers, all tailored to your needs.

20+ Years of Track Record

We are long-term partners. Viaro Networks has a 97% client retention rate and guarantees technical and service quality through effective joint measurements.

Direct solution to your biggest pain points

We understand the frustration of dealing with broken code, inaccurate estimates, and disconnected teams. Our experienced talent solves these problems by quickly understanding requirements, ensuring quality delivery, and allowing your team to focus on moving your business forward with confidence.

People-Centered Values


At Viaro Networks, people are always our most valuable asset, and we make that clear in our practices:


A diverse environment of mutual respect and support. 

Strong focus on personal/professional growth

Consistent recognition of individual contributions

Work/life balance activities

Merit and performance determine opportunities for advancement  

The Viaro Voices team.
Advancing Your Career at Viaro

I've chosen to work at Viaro for many years because of the great camaraderie and dedicated coaching that has helped me continue to grow.

With a turnover of less than 1%, we prove every day that focusing on our people makes all the difference.

Looking for high-caliber, cross-functional technical profiles?

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