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Dedicated Teams: the power is multiplied

Dedicated teams consist of providing a client with an entire team of technical professionals to work exclusively and indefinitely on their strategic software projects.


These teams work with full dedication to the organization, including various roles such as developers, architects, project managers, QA engineers, DevOps and other disciplines required for the project.

At Viaro Networks, we don't just provide development services; we truly embrace our customers goals to understand and meet their specific needs.

We carefully select cross-functional teams that are 100% focused on bringing your digital vision to life, integrating senior profiles that specialize in the ideal technologies and methodologies for a perfect fit.

Execute without delay with a dedicated team

You need your critical software initiatives to move forward now. With Viaro, you get dedicated engineering capacity to

Get up and running in weeks with no learning curve

Leverage the best tools and technologies on the market

Cover all roles: Frontend, backend and fullstack developers, manual and automated QA, Project Managers, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, UX/UI Designers and more.


Your Dedicated Team Under Your Leadership 

Manage Viaro Network's dedicated team just as you would your permanent in-house staff. Set priorities and assign daily tasks to your group of cross-functional Viaro experts.


Our project manager and team will manage the onboarding process and ensure smooth integration with your internal tools, agile processes, and technology standards from week one.


This allows you to run your project consistently under the hood from day one, while we relieve you of the added complexity of a human software development team.

Our clients talk about how our dedicated teams accelerated their digital transformation.

"With Viaro's dedicated team, we were able to free up internal resources to focus on the end customer, and they managed the backend of our new web portal with no learning curve."

Our Specialized Engineering Profiles

We have development teams made up of talented people and superior expertise, which allows us to guarantee exceptional results to our clients.


Our talent is bilingual and has experience in the latest technologies on the market.


Some of our expert profiles:

Software Developer
Software Engineer
Project Manager
Quality Assurance
Product Owner
Scrum Master
DevOps Engineer
Software Architect
UX / UI Designer

Ready to bring your digital vision to life with a dedicated team?

Viaro is a partner to exponentially grow your internal capabilities. So when your team needs reinforcement to move forward, you can count on a dedicated, highly skilled team.


Ready to bring your digital vision to life with a dedicated team?

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