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Tech Lead: Increase your technical leadership and access to your ideal team

Enhance your leadership with Viaro, where the perfect team for your projects and the customized solutions you need are waiting for you.

At Viaro, we understand the complexities and unique responsibilities of technical leadership. We specialize in providing high quality technical talent to drive your projects forward. 

Free yourself from the burden of recruiting

As a Tech Lead, your time is precious. Viaro simplifies and accelerates the hiring process, delivering highly qualified engineers to you in weeks, ready to integrate seamlessly. We handle the recruiting and hiring, so you can focus on leading your team to success.

Proactivity and Product Mentality

We are proud to offer not only exceptional technical skills, but also proactive teams with a strong product mentality. Our engineers anticipate challenges, suggest improvements, and actively contribute to the success of your project.

Overcoming technical difficulties

We not only provide solutions, we also address your technical pain points: Legacy integration issues? Scalability and performance issues? At Viaro, we understand your technical pain points and provide experts to effectively overcome them, ensuring smooth and seamless development.

Engineering and Development Experts

Need engineers with specific expertise? At Viaro, we offer specialized profiles in various technologies and development stacks, ensuring effective and quality solutions to avoid hiring the wrong people and causing delays in your sprints and projects.

Confidence in Delegation

With Viaro, you can delegate with confidence. Our autonomous and self-managed team is ready to take responsibility and contribute to the success of your project. We monitor the work of the developers at the client's site, reducing the management burden.

Culture, language and communication skills

Find your ideal team with Viaro. We provide professionals of your culture and language, trained not only in technical skills, but also in soft skills. We ensure fluency in oral and written communication to facilitate effective collaboration on any project.

Contact us today to explore how Viaro can transform your team and take you to the next level of technical leadership!

World-class engineering expertise

At Viaro, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals. Our mission is to understand your challenges and goals and work closely with you to provide customized solutions.


From front-end developers to DevOps engineers, our diverse and specialized team is ready to take on any challenge. Our talent is bilingual and has experience in the latest technologies on the market.


Some of our expert profiles:

Software Developer
Software Engineer
Project Manager
Quality Assurance
Product Owner
Scrum Master
DevOps Engineer
Software Architect
UX / UI Designer
Equipo de Desarrollo de inicio

Our engineers are exceptional software development professionals with deep technical expertise across multiple technologies and coding languages. But what truly sets them apart is their well-rounded skillset and unwavering commitment:


Proactive problem-solvers who anticipate challenges and propose innovative solutions, allowing Tech Leads to focus on strategic priorities.


Strong communication skills to collaborate seamlessly with technical and non-technical stakeholders. Not only are they fluent in English, but they also have experience understanding the technical jargon across diverse industries, facilitating seamless communication with a company's internal teams.


Resourceful problem-solvers with creative mindsets to tackle complex challenges from disruptive angles, while adhering to deadlines through a punctual and consistent delivery culture.


Uwavering commitment with a total product mindset aligned 100% to client objectives, an unparalleled work ethic, a keen sense of urgency to drive maximum value, and a zero-defect quality approach ensuring zero user-impacting issues.

What makes our team unique


Elite Recruitment Process

Our rigorous recruitment process is designed to identify the best talent in the industry and ensure that we bring on board professionals who not only excel technically, but also align with our values. This includes comprehensive technical and behavioural/cognitive assessments.


Our candidates undergo in-depth interviews conducted by certified senior engineers, who are experts in talent matchmaking. Additionally, we perform thorough background checks, professional history verification, and reference validation to guarantee the highest quality standards in our team.


World-Class Talent Development

Investing in the continued growth of our team is at the core of our values. We provide ongoing training in the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure our professionals are always at the forefront of the technology landscape.

Workshops focus on strengthening critical soft skills such as communication, teamwork and conflict resolution. Our commitment extends to one-to-one mentoring programmes led by industry-leading architects, fostering an environment where every team member can reach their full potential.


High-Performance Culture:

Our 'People First' philosophy is the foundation of a positive and motivating working environment. We recognise that recognising and rewarding our team is essential to their growth. Viaro Networks offers attractive recognition, growth opportunities and career development programmes.


Comprehensive wellbeing policies and work-life balance initiatives are in place to support our professionals. We uphold high standards of integrity, professional ethics and accountability, creating a culture where excellence is not just a goal, but a way of life.

Voices of Confidence:

Clients Share Their Viaro Experience

He's got that developer mentality, that motivation to really understand what we're doing and how to make it work the way you want it to.

Enhance your technical leadership with the Viaro team. Learn how our proactive approach, exceptional talent, and commitment to client success can transform your development experience.

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