Looking to Outsource Software Development?

More than 20 years providing high quality nearshore software development solutions for companies that are in United States and Canada.

Looking to Outsource Software Development?

More than 20 years providing high quality nearshore software development solutions for companies that are in United States and Canada.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

Our reliable team of software engineers delivers cutting-edge software solutions on top of .NET, Ruby, Java, React, employing high-level development practices of cloud automation.

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Dedicated Development Team

Extend your in-house talent with our dedicated development team of experienced software engineers, architects, and project managers. We help businesses to discover their opportunities through IT staff augmentation services.

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IT Staff Augmentation

Having the right-sized team is critical to any successful project and, as they enter new phases of maturity, sometimes it’s necessary to add new members who are just right for the job. Our IT staffing services provide the speed, professional acumen and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and complete development on time.

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``Viaro has worked with us for several years and shown they have developers trained and ready for projects. Also, they have put in the extra efforts to see projects to completion. ``
Khy Huang IT Director - UCLA Computer Technologies Research Lab
``I very much appreciate how proactive and on top of things you guys are. Thank you for being such a great company to work with!``
Jade Rubrick Director of Development TRUiST (Former United Way)
``All your software developers have been very responsive and a pleasure to work with.``
C.R Oldhman Former Senior Systems Engineer NCA CASI / SACSCASI

About Viaro Networks

Founded in 1999, provides full-cycle software development for customers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America. Viaro specializes in the development, customization, and interoperability of any type of applications, whether they are Web-, mobile-, or desktop-based. We are experts with the right technical skillset, business-specific knowledge, the industry's best engineering methodologies, and a full commitment to your projects.
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Trustworthy and reliable partner

We have been providing our services in United States and Canada for around 20 years, working with companies like MIT, UCLA, Canadian Health System, etc.

Technical Expertise

Highly productive and experienced engineering teams; our teams are quickly spun up and autonomously managed by Viaro Networks to implement and execute agreed plans.


As Nearshore we share the same time zone and also we are 2 hours away than the major hubs in the United States and Canada. We operate as a subsidiary, and work from dedicated facilities.

Money back guarantee policy

No advance payments are required; pay as you go, month-by-month, or phase-by-phase- for a project. You will have up to 30 days to try our services.

Our technology stack

Front End Technologies


Angular software engineers at Viaro Networks provide high-quality consulting and development services to our customers by creating progressive, dynamic, and scalable enterprise-grade apps, as well as single-page apps with reusable components.


ReactJS development team at Viaro Networks has extensive expertise in developing high-performance and scalable apps including as e-commerce solutions, trading platforms, web-based video apps, along with other IT solutions for customers from all over the world.

Vue. JS

Our team develop in one of the most progressive framework for building user interfaces as Vue.Js

Back End Technologies

Development of custom applications, customization of third-party software, migration of legacy applications to .NET, integration of applications, QA and testing services for .NET systems, support services and maintenance


Rapid development, pragmatic, maintainable, clean design, and secures websites. A web application framework is a toolkit of all components need for application development.


Web application with enhanced security to your data and user as well. It limits unauthorized users from accessing the paid resources or anything crucial to your business.


Our expert team builds web, mobile, and desktop solutions based on the latest frameworks and databases. Node.js technology has been successfully applied in a wide range of real-time apps such as CRM, project management systems, chat apps, and web portals.


Altoros provides focused big data consulting and development services. Underpinning big data systems with top-notch databases and frameworks, using Spring, we ensure high-level data engineering.

Mobile Technologies

Great companies and outstanding projects constantly seek us out for over the last 20 years.

FrontStream is The biggest charity and not-for-profit organization across the United States and in the world, with more than 1000 customers and partners around the globe. FrontStream create long-lasting community change by addressing the underlying causes of the most significant local issues. Common focus areas include helping children and youth achieve their potential, promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people’s health.

Lawson required a dedicated software development team for custom application development. The web-based system covers the entire performance management and reporting process, from job descriptions and performance appraisals to competency assessments, new employee orientation, and mandatory policy reviews. This customer is an excellent example of one large software development company outsourcing to Viaro Networks for specialized work.

Sloan School of Management at MIT

One of the top business schools worldwide, Sloan offers innovative learning through technology. Our team handles custom software development for Sloan's Learning Management System, and created several modules for its online educational software, from consulting to specific software development.

One of the largest mobile telecommunications company in the world. Custom development of their e-Leanring system, integration with legacy and current systems.