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The pains of doing a poor hiring process for a software developer

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Doing a poor process on hiring software developers can be a big pain to endure. Hiring the right developers isn’t an easy task, but hiring the wrong developers will be a story you won’t forget. Although the process of hiring can be extensive, not to mention you will also require investing some time into providing the right onboarding process to the developers to have them understand your company, processes, and culture.

Usually, even if you have a great hiring team it can lack the core competencies to evaluate whether the developer can code and respond according to your needs. As a result, you could later face several issues when dealing with developers that have very basic experience, knowledge, and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of your industry. This is the reason why many companies prefer hiring only senior developers which ends up costing a lot more and takes out the possibility to hire some other developers that might be a good fit.

Common pains of poorly hiring software developers

Here are a few of the common pains of poorly hiring software developers:

  • “Code doesn’t work as expected”

This is one of the most common since some developers need specific requirements on what you expect them to comply with and work straight into what you tell them to do. When creating new products, it’s an impossible task to define all the possible requirements and scenarios when defining the solution, this opens a window of misinterpretation, misunderstandings, and poorly constructed solutions on the developer’s part. This all means you either will need to take a lot of time defining the product before you start the development process, or you need to have a developer that understands what you need and can communicate along the development process with your team to rapidly adapt their codes once a new scenario, issue or risk is detected.

  • “Code is poorly constructed”

Trust me, this could be a great pain because you will end up fixing functionalities that used to work, or worst, you will create new broken functionalities that not only can affect the perception of your products, affect your customer relationship by offering a bad experience on your products but also could take a lot of time to resolve. As well as, if the system doesn’t scale well, it will impact immediately and will be a pain in the ass. It takes experienced developers to understand good coding practices and thinks outside the box to go beyond when working on your products, making sure the code not only complies with your expectations but delivers it with great quality.

  • “Time to market”

In an ideal world, development can take as much time as they wish, but in reality, we know we have to compromise some items on the wishlist to assure we can compete in delivering faster and better solutions. You will need a developer that can perform at expected velocity, recommend solutions that fit your needs and be accurate on his estimations on when he can deliver the code for the specified requirements, lacking to be accurate or fast enough will mean you will not only have a lot of uncertainty on when you can deliver your product but also lose great opportunities on competing to release when the market demands the product.

  • “Managers have to do a lot of pressure to make things happen in development”

Managers should not be so involved in supervising every single detail of every task, it’s a time-consuming job and poor use of their time. Your company needs developers that can interact and coordinate well with your team of UX, PM, PO, IT, among other members of your company by contributing with ideas and making sure their works can satisfy your expectations. It shouldn’t be a Manager’s job to have to pressure developers to make things happen or do a close follow-up on every single issue to make sure it is done on time. The right team will make sure Managers get reports in a timely fashion, providing the information they need to make the right decisions for the company.

  • “Costs become higher”

We know there is a budget associated with any development you initiate, which is also associated with expected dates on the return of the investment. By having to extend development or prolonged the contracted services just to fix broken functionalities just reduces the expected incomes, pushes the release dates, and simply becomes costly for your company.


I could continue the list but I believe you get the idea that doing a poor process on hiring software developers can be a big pain to endure. If you don’t have the experience in these specific processes or need a faster solution to start working on your software development needs, I recommend trusting companies that already provide access to a global talent pool of highly skilled software engineers. The right software development outsourcing company will make sure to align the right talent for your company’s needs.

You can learn further on outsourcing developers in our previous post regarding why hiring software developers from an outsourcing company is a great strategy while you keep your current local in-house team. If you are looking to hire outsourcing developers, contact us! We’ll be glad to help your company match with the right talent.

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