The SMBX is a marketplace for issuing and buying small business bonds. The Small Business Bond™ is a new way for businesses to raise capital. It’s also a new way for you to invest.

The SMBX required a dedicated software development team for building their web and mobile application for bond offerings and financial management. Viaro is in charge of creating the investor bond dashboard, where customers manage all their investments, which includes integrating with third-party providers. Furthermore, Viaro has built all the management tools for launching new bonds, and a full range of administration facilities for bond management and issuing.


We really like working with Viaro and have been all praises about the work you have done on the web apps. We really like your style of work by breaking down each question for them that would help in your work, and your technical knowledge and the initiative you take on researching things.
Bhavish Balhotra
CTO and co-Founder, The SMBX.