Why hiring software developers from an outsourcing company is a great strategy while you keep your current local in-house team?

May 10, 2021Development , Outsourcing , Tech

Outsourcing is a common practice since it offers a cost-effective solution for obtaining qualified resources to achieve the organization’s key objectives. One of the most popular forms of outsourcing is offshore software development, it offers companies the flexibility to deliver high-quality products, and, services with reduced costs compared to what the investment would be compared to when hiring local resources. 

The USA, Canada, and other countries from Europe have adopted these practices by outsourcing to regions from Latin America because of its growing talent in the IT Industry. Although offshore software development is quite popular, it requires the right partners to make it successful for your company.

Key points to consider

There are several considerations you need to take into account when deciding whether you should hire outsourcing talent, let’s review some of the most relevant:

  • Access Instantly the available global talent

You will obtain with the best talent immediately, saving you the time to search for the right developers that meet your needs and prolonged hiring processes that delays your projects. The hired company will have a pool of trained developers with the right skill set for your projects and ready to start working with your team.

  • No impact whatsoever in developer turnover

The outsourcing company manages the transition period for the developers avoiding costly turnover changes, cost in terms of time lost, and knowledge transfer. We proactively have “support developers” generally trained in your platform to make them available if you need to quickly grow. We also take care of their particular needs (like vacations, sick leave, among other particular absences), ensuring there is no impact on your projects whatsoever. Our team will focus on the administrative aspect of the developers, so you can focus on your strategies and projects.


  • Team collaboration and experience

The team has great experience in software development projects and is used to working as part of your own in-house team. They’re ready to start working on your projects by collaborating and analyzing your requirements to find the solutions that best suit your needs. They will make sure to keep good communication among all parties (project managers, product owners, QA, software architects, other developers, etc). This communication is crucial to understand all the priorities, clarifying issues, raising concerns on the developments or possible risks, and avoid creating blockers during the the duration of the project.

  • Flexibility and quality

The hired software development team understands how to align with the strategies set for your company, adapting to any challenges or changes that may arise during the duration of the project’s development. You will be able to manage the team just like you would with an in-house team, the developers understand they need to perform at the required level of productivity and quality you set for them.

  • Cost effective

Probably one of the most important considerations, since you can possibly have total savings between 25-40% of the salary you would be paying developers.

  • Long-term relationship

It’s important to understand that for the outsourcing company one of the main goals is to establish a long lasting relationship with your company, understanding your needs and making sure the hired team is providing quality deliverables that help your company’s growth.

An Outsourcing Software Development Company is the perfect ally when it comes to hiring developers, it not only saves time but also will help your company accomplish it’s strategies. This companies are used to hunt for the best talent, and have years of experiences matching the talent to the needs of your company. 
If you are looking to hire outsourcing developers, contact us! We’ll be glad to help your company take next step.


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