What to look for when hiring a software developer from an outsourcing company?

May 25, 2021Development , Outsourcing , Technology

There are some key factors to consider when hiring a software developer from an outsourcing company. Outsourcing has become a common practice, especially when it comes to software development since it provides a cost-effective solution when hiring process developing talent. Although you will avoid the usual pains of the hiring process, it’s always good to evaluate that your hired staff is the right fit for your goals. For this post, we will review some important factors that you should evaluate. 

Quick understanding of requirements

Your hired team should make your work easier, this means they understand your needs and help you accomplish your goals. When defining new requirements, you need a team that understands quickly what you need and will always come up with the right questions to make your solutions better. 

Great communication skills

Software development is a team effort, developers translate the requirements into solutions. Communication is a key factor when it comes to teamwork, developers need to have good communication with all parties involved. A good developer will interact with your team clarifying concerns, raising possible risks, and suggest improvements if detected while programming.

Deliver based on estimations for each task 

Analyzing the requirements is one of the most important traits of a good developer. If the developer understands your requirements, he will provide you with the breakdown of the work and expected delivery estimations that he will make sure to accomplish. Although there could be unexpected scenarios sometimes, a good developer will make his best efforts into completing your projects on time.

Deliver with the desired code quality 

Even though delivery dates are important, code quality is another key factor in the delivery of your projects. Delivering on time but with poor quality is bad practice, you will need to invest serious time into fixing the product before it’s even ready to be used by your customers. You need developers that provide solutions that will be easy to use, work as expected, and smoothly integrate with your existing products. 

Avoid the introduction of serious and high-impact bugs

This goes hand to hand with the previous point, developers need to guarantee that we will not be introducing serious and high-impact bugs. This could affect the perception of your product and the satisfaction of your customers. Good developers will test their codes and think outside the box just to make sure that they are fulfilling your expectations. 


Priorities could change unexpectedly, sometimes it’s necessary to abruptly change the work assigned to meet market demands. Good developers should be able to stop their current assignments and help your company jump into what its strategy requires.


Software development requires some monitor to make sure your developers are meeting your goals while keeping you on budget. Some good strategies could imply follow-up meetings, measuring bugs, keeping track of deliverables and estimations, among others. Always keep track of these key factors when hiring a software developer from an outsourcing company to assure your hire staff is the correct fit for your company.

If you are looking to hire outsourcing developers, contact us! We’ll be glad to help your company match with the right talent.

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